Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Obama Taking the Oath of Office

A quick picture of my classroom today during the oath by President Obama. My class was absolutely silent for the oath and the speech - not common in an 8th grade class.


  1. I hope your district did the same as ours: Our Superintendent emailed all of the teachers, principals, etc., and support folks strongly encouraging them to watch this historic moment. I know I had my television on.


  2. Mike B - We did the same in our building. All the teachers were asked to turn on their projectors and watch the oath and part of the address. I told my students that I have shared some unexpected, and unfortuante, historical moments in a classroom - 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing - and this one is scheduled but none the less historic.

  3. Anonymous10:12 PM

    You're able to project live cable on your Smartboard!?!?

    I had to carry a TV from my co-teacher's portable and connect rabbit ears in order to show the inauguration. It was completely worth the effort.

  4. Eric M. - Yes, I'm very lucky to have the SmartBoard in my room. It was a gift - each of the state teachers of the year are given a SmartBoard from SMART for their classroom.