Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Smithsonian In Your Classroom - Focus on Lincoln

This spring while in Washington DC as part of the National Teacher of the Year Program I spent an amazing day at the Smithsonian learning about the wealth of resources available to teachers - both when physically visiting the museums and when your classroom is hundreds of miles away. I became part of the Smithsonian Teacher Ambassador Program to help spread the word about these amazing resources.

Many of us are currently getting ready to help celebrate the 200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln with our students. I would like to pass along the following information about the latest issue of "Smithsonian in Your Classroom" - which includes a variety of great lesson plans on Lincoln. The issue includes some great information and one of my favorite Lincoln classroom activities - comparing photographs of Lincoln as he took office and then at the end of the Civil War just prior to his assassination. I encourage all history teachers to check it out. The issue and resources are available online, and as always - FREE.

Abraham Lincoln: The Face of a War

The latest issue of Smithsonian in Your Classroom is on its way to your schools and also available as a PDF download from SmithsonianEducation.org. The lessons in this issue use Smithsonian portraits of Lincoln to introduce a study of the Civil War. The portraits include the famous “cracked-plate” photograph, two plaster “life masks,” and an eyewitness drawing of Lincoln’s arrival in the enemy capital of Richmond, Virginia.


Free Abraham Lincoln Virtual Conference

The Smithsonian is honoring Abraham Lincoln’s bicentennial with special exhibitions and programs, and you will be able to participate in the national celebration through the first Smithsonian Online Education Conference: Abraham Lincoln. Throughout the days of February 4 and 5, 2009, you’ll explore Smithsonian research and collections related to Lincoln’s life – everything from portraits and diaries to documents and historical artifacts. Alongside Smithsonian curators, you’ll look at Lincoln’s life and legacy from the perspectives of history, science, and art.


Lincoln at 200

Also check out all the Lincoln events and resources available from the Smithsonian:


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