Thursday, January 22, 2009

Podcast #171 - Teaching Lincoln with Political Cartoons of His Time

Hello. As we get closer to the 200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln in several weeks, we look at another resource you can use in your classroom to teach about Lincoln. Today we discuss two books that I have used in the past to give students an understanding that Lincoln was viewed in a different light during his own time. There were many during his presidency that did agree with his policies and depicted this view through political cartoons. In today's podcast I discuss two excellent books you can use with students. A link to both of these books are listed below.

If you have used these books in your classroom or would like to comment on this podcast please leave a comment on this blog post. We would love to hear how other teachers are using political cartoons to teach Lincoln.


  1. Eric,

    Thanks for another great resource. I talked last summer about how Lincoln was portrayed during his campaign and compared it to our elections.

    You can read it on my "old" blog:


  2. Thanks Jim - your post on is an excellent resource for teachers using political cartoons when teaching Lincoln. Great work as always Dr. Beeghley!


  3. Eric:

    Thanks for the resources and the podcast. I'm trying to encourage our teachers to investigate the web, and referred to this post in my most recent blog entry at
    Thanks for the resources and suggestions! We'll spread the word!

  4. Mike B - Thanks for mentioning the podcast on your blog. I have checked it out in the past and it is a great blog for all history teachers to follow. Thanks again.