Friday, June 29, 2007

Podcast #96 - 2007 Atlanta NECC Overview - A Peach of a Conference

Hello. Well, I have returned home from Atlanta and a great 2007 NECC Conference. My hat is off to the people at ISTE and all the hosts this year - I heard very few comments, if any, which is pretty incredible when you consider that 13,000 people attended. This podcast will be an overview of the entire conference. There will be some specific podcasts to come including interviews, session information and the audio from an entire session. I have also included some pictures from the week and some of the highlights from NECC 2007 for me.

If you weren't able to attend in person you can still catch many of the conference sessions and keynotes as podcasts or videocasts. There are some sessions I was unable to attend and I plan on downloading them to my i-Pod for great listening later in the summer.

If you were at NECC 2007 and have any comments or just want to put your two cents in please feel free to add them to this post or you can e-mail me at
Note - I did mention eating at a Brazilian churrascaria steakhouse and mentioned not being able to pronounce it correctly because I know very little "Spanish", of course I also understand very little Portuguese- sorry for the error.

Podcast #96 Show Notes:

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